Packing and moving electronics such as computers may be tricky because the components inside are very fragile. Whether hiring movers or moving yourself, It is important to take extra care of each component of the computer to ensure safe transit in the moving truck.

In this article / video we show you the best way to pack and protect a computer for moving.

Items Needed For Packing a Computer

  • Heavy duty box
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble paper, furniture pad, or soft throw blanket
  • Tape and Markers
  • Rubber bands


How To Pack and Protect a Desktop Computer – Steps

  1. Be sure to back up important files to an external hard drive, thumb drive or cloud drive before packing and moving the computer.
  2. Clear a work station to pack, properly shut down your computer and remove any cds in the drives.
  3. Remove all connected devices from the computer and properly label and organize them for easy set-up at the new location.
  4. Prepare the box thoroughly to keep everything safe. Put a layer of bubble wrap or wadded up packing paper to create a soft bottom in the box.
  5. Carefully and thoroughly wrap each component of the computer with bubble wrap, soft throw blankets, or furniture pads to safely protect. Computer screens may want to have a peice of cardboard on the screen for impact protection.
  6. Place each component vertically in the box. Fill the rest of the space with the cords and other small components and lightly stuff open areas with wads of packing paper to prevent movement in the box.
  7. Seal the box and label with the contents, room it belongs, and “fragile”.

There are many ways you can pack a computer for moving but this is one of the best way to safely accomplish it without breaking.

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