Packing dishes for a move along with other fragile kitchen items are a very important part of the moving process. The right steps and preparation applied can make a big difference on time and materials used during a move.

Dishes, fine china, glass cups, bowls, plates and other fragile items in the kitchen are the most common pieces that break during a move. Be very careful when packing dishes or your customers’ breakables when moving.

Materials Needed For Packing Dishes:

  • Heavy duty dish pack boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Markers / Labels
  • Tape Gun / Scissors (optional)

If done correctly, there should not be any movement in the box. If there is, consider adding more wadded pieces of paper.

This was just one way that a professional mover shows how to pack dishes, plates, and other kitchen items for moving. These packing dishes tips are the basic standard when it comes to moving tips and packing tips. Moving and packing the kitchen is easy if done correctly.

How To Pack Dishes For A Move – Steps:

1. Create a clean and organized work-station before starting to pack dishes and breakables. Good places are on the dining room table, large kitchen islands, or any other large table.
Packing Dishes 1
2. Lay out a large stack of packing paper and make your first box. Since these are plates and other kitchen items the boxes may become heavy so secure the box with extra tape. Layer the bottom of the box with several wadded up pieces of packing paper.
Packing Dishes 2
3. Place on dish flat on the stack of paper created on the table and fold the corners over the dish. Put another dish on top and continue for about 3-5 dishes. This can be for plates and bowls.
Packing Dishes Plates
4. Wrap the entire stack with a few more pieces to secure the bundle. Place the dishes vertically in the box. Plates and bowls typically go on the bottom of the box and near the top can go glasses or other lighter weight items.
Packing Into Box
5. When the box is full add another layer of wadded up paper to the top and tape the box closed.

6. Mark the box on the sides with a descriptive label including the contents and the room it belongs in. Since these are kitchen items write “fragile” as well.

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?!

  • An easy cheap way to protect plates during a move is to buy a stack of foam disposable plates and place one in between each plate in a stack. DO NOT use this method for expensive items.
  • Use your socks to protect stemware by placing the sock over each piece. Bundle a small sock or packing paper inside the glass.Use towels or linens to help protect dishes. This is a good green moving tip for those who are environmentally conscious.