Packing Small Appliances

Kitchen appliances are fragile items that should be carefully protected during a move. Without proper protection these types of items may get damaged. It is very easy to avoid any damage if the proper steps are taken when packing small appliances. Follow these easy tips and watch the video to learn how to keep your small kitchen appliances safe during a move.

Items Needed For Packing Small Kitchen Appliances

  • Packing paper, bubble wrap, towels or linens
  • Small or medium box
  • Tape

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How To Pack Small Appliances For A Move – Steps

  1. Create a clean work station on a kitchen island or table and lay out a stack of packing paper.
  2. Make sure each appliance is clean and dry. Wrap any loose cords with a rubber band or twist tie.
  3. Place the appliance in the middle of the stack, roll the corners over and fold in the sides. If necessary, tape the corners to secure the bundle.
  4. Place the item in a box with the bottom lined with wads of packing paper. Fill any extra space with packing paper to avoid movement.

You can put a few small appliance in each box but be careful not to create boxes that are too heavy.

This is the easiest way for packing small kitchen appliances during a move. Many appliances can be wrapped in towels or linens instead of packing paper. This can help with material cost as well as moving cost.

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