It is very common to have to pack and protect chairs during a relocation. It is important to carefully wrap basic chairs such as dining room or breakfast table chairs during a move. Packing and protecting chairs during a move is pretty simple and by following these steps you can protect multiple chairs in minutes.

Items needed for Packing Chairs:

  • Furniture pads or blankets
  • Tape

Steps for Packing and Protecting Chairs During a Move

  1. Create a small work station on the floor somewhere in the house.
  2. Gather up all the chairs in the home and bring them to the work station.
  3. Lay out flat a stack of furniture pads on the floor.
  4. Follow the instructions in the video to learn the proper techniques to wrapping chairs during a move.

Take careful considerations when protecting chairs and take the time to wrap each one neatly with no loose furniture pads flapping out.