Moving large furniture pieces by yourself can be easy if the proper techniques are used. Whether you are moving yourself or thinking about moving as a profession you should know the best way on how to move heavy furniture items.

Why is technique important?

It is important when lifting or moving large items to take the proper precautions necessary to avoid injuries. Moving is a highly physical job and movers who work every day should know the easiest ways to move each item. Many movers burn out from the job quickly simply because they are not moving furniture correctly. In this article and video, we show you a very simple way to pack, protect, and move a large peice of furniture by yourself.

Items Needed To Move Furniture By Yourself

  • Appliance dolly with strap
  • Furniture pads or moving blankets
  • Large rubber bands or tape
  • Shrink wrap

How To Move Furniture – Steps

  1. Remove excess or decorative pieces and shelving from the item of furniture. Only remove them if they are meant to be removed. Wrap and protect, then place them in the drawer or another secure place.
  2. Wrap a furniture pad or moving blanket the large furniture item and secure it with either a large rubber band or moving tape.
  3. Wrap the piece with stretch wrap and make sure any corner flaps of the furniture pad are secure.
  4. Attach the piece of furniture to an appliance dolly and secure with the strap provided.

By following these simple steps you can move and load this type of heavy furniture by yourself and other similar items safely.

Moving furniture is just one aspect of the moving process. It is very important during the moving process to also know how to pack and protect boxes and smaller items in the home.