Moving A Sofa

Sofas and couches can easily become damaged during a move. It is important to take extra care when protecting and moving a sofa to prevent tears, scuffs or stains.
Not only can the sofa become damaged during a move, other parts of your home may get ruined when moving them through hallways or doorways. Learn how to professional movers protect the home during a move.

There are a few ways you can protect a couch for moving. Here is one way the people with MoveWrap shows us how to pack and protect a couch during a move.

How to Pack and Move a Sofa Couch

  1. First completely wrap the sofa with a base layer of stretch wrap.
  2. Next, use furniture pads, linens or blankets and tightly drape them over the couch.
  3. Last wrap the couch again with another layer of stretch wrap to secure the piece.

Things to Remember When Moving a Couch

  • When wrapping the couch with stretch wrap, do not go so tight so the corners smash. When moving long distance or into storage if the wrap is on for a long period of time the couch can permanently be smashed.
  • Dirty furniture blankets can rub off on the couch and ruin the upholstery so use clean ones.

Common Ways Your Couch Gets Damaged When Moving

A very common way your sofas become ruined during a move is from liquid spills. This can be prevented from properly protecting your sofa during a move.

Another common way a sofa may become damaged is from unprotected legs. Sofas with long legs can easily be chipped or broken during transit to make sure these areas are protected.

The fabric of the sofa can easily be torn when loading or unloading from the moving truck.

Protecting your sofa when moving also helps prevent any bugs from finding their way in the cushions. You should definitely consider wrapping your sofa if you are moving into storage or storing it in the garage.

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