Moversville helps movers acquire non-competitive moving leads by way of email newsletter marketing.

Moversville increases your moving leads by creating email newsletters (branded for your moving company) and sending them to valuable targeted audiences such as local real estate agents, property managers, previous customers, and other business contacts.

The email newsletters we create on your behalf increase repeat and referral business, increase your brand name in your community, and increase the amount of valuable moving leads from your target audiences.

If you are looking for long term, sustainable growth for your moving business, then Email Marketing by Moversville is perfect for you. Email marketing is your path to a deep rooted customer base filled with referral advocates.

How Does It Work?

First, with a combination of YOUR business needs and our proven email newsletter models, we will create a branded email newsletter template that works best for your moving company.

Every month, we will do all of the regular creation and scheduled work it takes for your moving company to have a successful email newsletter that brings you moving leads from your email audience.

Why are referred moving leads better than regular moving leads?

Acquiring moving leads from other sources such as moving leads providers, YellowPages, Google Adwords, or review sites like Yelp are extremely competitive, WHICH increases your marketing costs and decreasing your profit margins.

Email newsletter marketing is different. Having a deep rooted customer base (in this case your email list) full of referral advocates allows your moving company to slowly transition from “paying” for one-time customers to simply becoming the mover of choice in your community.

Hear it from ABC Moving Systems in their testimonial of our service. Since using our email marketing service they have seen a major increase in repeat and referred business. They were then able to cut out a few other marketing costs as well as increase their service rates by 23%.

Can’t I do this myself and increase my own moving leads?

There are many email programs you can use that are very inexpensive to get started. But, if you’re new to email marketing, you don’t realize what it takes to be successful.

Doing it yourself may lead to blacklisted email addresses, emails going to spam, low open rates, high unsubscribe rates, unhappy email recipients, poor newsletter design, and a huge waste of time.

Moversville has already mastered email newsletter marketing for the moving industry. Moversville’s email newsletter marketing services are both very cost effective and time effective. Moversville has proven time and time again that our methods work and our customers are seeing a significant increase in moving leads from their email newsletters. Our Testimonials