Timothy Callahan

Timothy Callahan has grown up in the moving industry helping his fathers moving company. Today, he works with many moving companies nationwide helping them with email marketing. Timothy also is very passionate about helping consumers through the moving process to make sure their relocation is as smooth as possible.

Timothy Callahan

My Work Story

My work story truly begins as a child growing up in the moving industry. Watching my father build a business from scratch and single-handedly raising 3 kids was a giant inspiration.

The moving industry has provided my family a lot throughout the years and naturally knowing the ins and outs is when I decided to help my dad with his moving business.

In 2010, I helped build one of my first websites. It was for his moving company. I then helped him with Email Marketing and went on to start an email marketing business of my own helping out other moving companies around the U.S.

Having worked so closely in the moving industry for so many years, I also know a lot about the moving process and how I can help consumers with their moves. So in 2018, I started writing helpful content for consumers that would help them with their moves.