7 Ways To Get Rid of Your Old Furniture Before Moving

The hassles of making your new home comfortable for you and fixing your previous apartment for the new tenant is stressful. The additional trouble of dealing with your other possessions which you no longer need can be overwhelming. You certainly want to avoid moving unwanted items to your new home to [...]

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Binding vs. Non-Binding Moving Estimates – The Difference?

When moving long distance or across state lines, moving companies will either offer a non-binding or binding estimate on move day. In short, a non-binding estimate is what your mover believes the cost of your move without guaranteeing a price. Your actual move cost will be determined on the actual services [...]

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When To Start Packing For A Move (Week-By-Week Guide)

Packing your home for your move is no easy task. As a professional in the moving industry, being involved in hundreds of moves, the most important part of the moving process is when and how you prepare. You should start to prepare for your move at least 6-8 weeks prior [...]

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