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Email Blasts Don’t Work – Here’s What Does

//Email Blasts Don’t Work – Here’s What Does

An “Email Blast” is a one time email that goes out to your massive email list, in hopes that one or two people might need your services (this is spam). This short-sided approach to email marketing DOES NOT WORK and can even hurt your moving business.

Here’s Why:

After a few  “Email Blasts”, your open rate will decrease, and your unsubscribe rate will increase. Soon, your giant list of possible referral advocates goes stale and is gone forever.

Your email list is your audience. CARE FOR THEM and they will care for you.

Different Industries Require Different Email Marketing Tactics
Here’s What Works For The Moving Industry

A successful email marketing approach starts by consistently providing helpful and engaging content your readers are happy to receive. By pleasantly being helpful month after month (NOT with spammy “Email Blasts”), your audience will create a positive association with your brand leading to an increase in repeat, referral, and word of mouth business. Why referrals are your most profitable kind of business.

Consider It Done

If this approach seems too much, outsource your email marketing to Moversville. We are a moving industry specific email marketing company that knows exactly what it takes to have success with email marketing.

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