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Top 11 Audiences That Will Bring You More Business

//Top 11 Audiences That Will Bring You More Business

Referrals are some of the best kinds of business for your moving company. Referrals are low or non competitive, and usually the customer has received a reliable face to face testimonial from someone. Networking and staying connected with these 11 target audiences will increase referral business for your moving company.

  1. Previous Customers – Especially if you use a moving company software
  2. Personal Friends & Family Members
  3. Real Estate Agents – Step by Step: How To Get More Referrals From RE Agents
  4. Property Managers
  5. Office Building Managers
  6. Apartment Complexes
  7. Senior Living Homes
  8. Storage Facilities
  9. Other Moving Companies
  10. Local Home Owners Associations
  11. Home Builders & Renovation Specialists

One of the best and easiest ways for movers to constantly stay connected with these audiences and increase referrals is by way of a helpful and engaging monthly email newsletter. Moversville does everything it takes to get your branded monthly email newsletter up and running with almost no effort on your part. Stay connected and establish deep roots within the communities you serve by establishing and sending a monthly email newsletter with Moversville.

Learn More About How Moversville Increases Repeat and Referrals From These 11 Audiences.

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