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Why Video Marketing?…And How Easy It Is

//Why Video Marketing?…And How Easy It Is

Your prospects will be considering a few other movers to hire and handle their most prized possessions, so what better to showcase your moving services with a video of your moving company in action!?

Video is getting bigger and bigger as a medium for online marketing, advertising, information, and communication. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, in 2015, video made up 63% of all internet traffic. By 2020, video should represent 79% of all internet traffic.

Your moving company can now easily tap into the popularity of video and display it on your website, blog, email newsletter, social media profiles, local listings, or even show it directly to your prospect on a tablet PC during the in-home estimate.

The best part about video nowadays? You don’t have to be a professional or hire any services to create effective videos.

All you need is:

  • A smartphone: Android, iPhone, or even tablet PC with a good camera
  • A small smartphone tripod – can get this on amazon for less than $20
  • A simple video editing program – iMovie or similar.

A few tips for your first video shoot:

  • Position your camera horizontally when recording – NOT vertical
  • 1-3 minute videos are ideal. Anything more will lose your audience’s interest
  • Upload your video to your company’s YouTube channel and grab the code to embed it into your website.

Ideas for what exactly to shoot:

  • Movers on the job (Packing, wrapping, loading, driving, moving unique items, difficult accesses or hoists)
  • Employees in the office and warehouse
  • Packing & Moving Tips
  • Message from the owner (founding story, about the business etc.)

Here are a few actual videos straight from moving company’s youtube channels.


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