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“We have had some great successes specifically from the email campaigns. Real estate agents have responded directly to the salespeople with referrals that have turned into very nice sized moves. In some instances it’s their first time using us; assuming we do well with the relocation those turn into solid referral partners who give us dozens of leads per year.”

Working with Tim and the Moversville team has been terrific. We have 12 salespeople from 8 different offices that use their service; managing that could be very difficult, but it is not. There are particular challenges where there are more than one salesperson from a specific office. That means that the local content has to be different for each. Tim and the team always find interesting and relevant content for each person every month. Setting up new accounts is very easy, as well.

Moversville handles scrubbing the lists, sending out introductory emails, and then communicates directly with the salespeople to build the email template that will be used each month. As the marketing director I like to have visibility to each one that’s going out and to the open/click-through metrics; all of that is provided to me monthly via email.”

-Craig Morreale, Director of Marketing, Ace Relocation Systems

“Great company and great guy. Tim has helped us tremendously over the past two years , I would recommend him to anyone looking to build a monthly following through a newsletter.” – Bill B.

“Looks Great! Thank You Tim!” – American Relocation

Steinway Moving and Storage

To the Team @ Moversville,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your service and all the support over the last few months.
I must admit I was skeptical at first, but after your team took the time to explain how easy and effective a newsletter could be we took a chance. I’m happy to report that after just a few months we have already received amazing amounts of positive feedback and many calls regarding our newsletter. The content is interesting as well as educational and we were even able to feature one of our business partners adding even more value to that issue. We look forward to continuing getting positive results and building our business thru your service.

Thank you again.

James N. Benatti
Steinway Moving and Storage

“Love the personalized intro! Awesome video! Looks good as always!” – Kurt K.

Gallo Moving


I’d like to compliment you and Moversville on living up to the hopeful expectations we had after reviewing and launching our newsletter with you. I truly appreciated the flexibility allowed with the tailoring of content that we felt was needed within our newsletter, the outcome of the final layout has been well received.

Part of what we felt was missing with connecting with our Realtor partners was the eventual loss of connection when you are out of sight which sometimes translate to out of mind. We have been pleasantly impressed that we have seen an uptick in referrals from some of those Realtors who are now receiving our monthly newsletter. It been a great way to stay connected with everyone!

Thanks again for all you support and help with launching this, we look forward to a continued relationship.

Best regards,

Bill Bailot
Gallo Moving & Storage

“Nice, thank you! I get a lot of compliments on these newsletters.” – Theresa D.

ABC Moving Systems

Hello Tim,

ABC Moving Systems thanks you very much for the Moversville email newsletter work you have been doing for us since the beginning of 2014. We have seen a definite increase in repeat and referral work, from both our previous customers and local realtors in our area.

We have been in business for over 20 years, and we wish we had been doing this long ago. We tried doing it ourselves for about a year, but had challenges with the email program we used. We are very glad we outsourced it to you guys at Moversville. The newsletter you do for us is much more professional than what we tried to do ourselves, and also the fact that you do it as scheduled for us every month, gives us the assuredness that it actually gets done.

We have also realized 2 unexpected benefits from the email newsletter service.

First, because of the increase in repeat and referral work we have been able to cut back on other marketing costs, such as yellow pages and moving leads and particularly Yelp subscription costs. We were really glad about being able to cut way back on our Yelp costs.

Next, and probably the best benefit, is that due to the increase in repeat and referral work, we decided to roll the dice in November of 2014 and raise our hourly rates by 23% across the board. At first we were concerned the increased rates wouldn’t stick, but they have. We are certain it is because more of our work is now repeat and referral work, versus work from other sources. And the repeat and referral work is less concerned about price, and more concerned about the certainty of good service.

Thanks again, please just keep doing what you are doing for us.

Best regards,
Rich Gardner
ABC Moving Systems

“Perfect! Very nice Tim! Thank you very much” – Eric G.

“Looks good. I like it better with our new website banner!” – Bargain Movers

“Love it! Thanks, looks good Tim!” – Fresh Start: The Moving Crew