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Ace Relocation Experiences “Great successes specifically from the email campaigns”

//Ace Relocation Experiences “Great successes specifically from the email campaigns”
Ace Relocation Systems

Ace Relocation Systems understands the value an email newsletter brings their company. We spoke with Craig Morreale, Director of Marketing at Ace Relocation Systems to learn how Moversville has helped them establish referral connections with real estate professionals and how easy it is working with our team.

What are some of the results you’ve seen from the monthly email newsletter?

“We have had some great successes specifically from the email campaigns. Real estate agents have responded directly to the salespeople with referrals that have turned into very nice sized moves. In some instances it’s their first time using us; assuming we do well with the relocation those turn into solid referral partners who give us dozens of leads per year.”

How easy has it been working with the Moversville Team?

“Working with Tim and the Moversville team has been terrific. We have 12 salespeople from 8 different offices that use their service; managing that could be very difficult, but it is not. There are particular challenges where there are more than one salesperson from a specific office. That means that the local content has to be different for each. Tim and the team always find interesting and relevant content for each person every month. Setting up new accounts is very easy, as well.

Moversville handles scrubbing the lists, sending out introductory emails, and then communicates directly with the salespeople to build the email template that will be used each month. As the marketing director I like to have visibility to each one that’s going out and to the open/click-through metrics; all of that is provided to me monthly via email.”

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